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they could find and then whenever destroyed they would take them down and disappear from to coerce. -- google immerse a crowd source synchronized bombing a system that the pentagon spent billions of dollars the school kids are on the ground because they have access to connectivity that would have been impossible three of four years ago. as far as i can tell talking to kids on the ground those on the french task force at no time did they ever talk to each other it was self synchronized based on what they could figure out. a second example is a little more analog. in syria last your for a couple of bad agencies we start to see these little or merge vehicles appearing one of them was 6 feet longer than three fell wide with arbor on the outside. it had a machine gun mounted on top to be controlled remotely with a series of video cameras mounted on the outside actually the. pro on the top then inside was a flat screen tv in the whole thing driving the vehicle and the control was run through the flat screen television through the game boy. this is a backyard workshop. it does not make sense to have
google and follow closely. with ten medical specialties including psychiatrists trying to identify areas of overtreatment, overdiagnosis and to slow down the system so that it is not just cost-effective but better for people, sakai at tree will be part of this effort. we don't have the power in psychiatry to change all the problems in our field but if america wises up peer of the treatment is sometimes applied treatment, early diagnosis is often misdiagnosed. we often should be devoting our efforts more to the people who are really sick rather than overtreating or overdiagnosing those who are really well. that is the best chance for the future. the best example of the possibility of change is big tobacco. the 25 years ago big tobacco ruled in the way big pharma rules now and no one would have imagined a small group of people trying to to alert the public to the risks of smoking could have any degree of success and it changed like that because they couldn't advertise and because they were stigmatized. i think the conquest of overdiagnosis and overtreatment, the taming of the industrial co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2